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Protest of Terai

February 4, 2007

The ongoing protest of terai(eastern part of nepal) people are suffering from different kinds of problems. Mainly dur to that crisis the people of kathmandu the capital are forced to suffer from lack of petroleum products and coocking gas as well. In the mean time of tourist arrival, this crisis has made them hard to travel this beautiful country. But the international  media is not playing sufficient role to solve this problem. International media have to force the government to solve this crisis and help to make a new nepal. 


nepal a glance

February 2, 2007

Nepal is a very beautiful country in the whole world. It lies between two demon nations but its beauty and its natural pleasure is not found in any other country

hey «

February 2, 2007

who says that nobody has feelings ?everybody has feelings but good or badi dont know.Related Tag Surfer «

Hello world!

February 2, 2007

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